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DNAwesome STEM Club
Virtual Instructor Position Description

DNAwesome STEM CLUB is a K-12 education organization that focuses on providing comprehensive STEM programming to its students. We are seeking both lead and assistant instructors for our STEM After School programs. You will have the opportunity to guide interactive curricula on innovative topics such as Health and Biomedical Sciences, Engineering and Robotics,Coding, and Mathematics. This is an intellectually challenging job that allows you to make a huge difference in the lives of your students. Our ideal candidate is enthusiastic, experienced with technology and passionate about teaching. Hours per week depend on the assignment with the opportunity to much more as we expand.

DNAwesome STEM Club confronts the school-to-prison pipeline by exposing underrepresented students to the STEM disciplines at an early age. We seek to bridge the gap of minorities in STEM- related careers, by mentoring them through a STEM Pipeline from Kindergarten to PhD while also creating opportunities of change within their communities.


RESPONSIBILITIES include but not limited to:
Online Class Management
• Instruct small STEM classes and lead students in independent design projects
• Encourage connections between STEM and real life problem solving or situations
• Utilize curriculum, teaching tools and other materials provided by DNAwesome STEM
• Be responsible for your student’s online safety and supervision at all times
• Maintain a structured and organized learning environment
• Encourage positive interpersonal interactions at all times
• Cultivate an interactive, friendly and welcoming group dynamic
• Utilize positive behavior management techniques
• Maintain regular communication with Directors and other coordinating staff and peers
• Maintain positive relationships with parents, co-instructors, and school administration
• Be a positive role model for students
• Be a proud representative of your own character as well as DNAwesome STEM Club
• Attend staff meetings and curriculum training
• Interact with parents and communicate student learning outcomes


DNAwesome STEM Club is seeking qualified instructors with a passion for our scholars.
• Minimum of one year experience leading instruction in a particular enrichment subject to elementary/middles school aged scholars.
• High school diploma required, some college experience preferred
• Ability to manage an online classroom of up to 15 Scholars
• Commitment to teamwork and collaboration with diverse populations
• Bright, engaging and dynamic presence in front of the classroom

August 2020

DNAwesome STEM Club
Virtual Instructor Position Description

• Ability to manage classroom effectively and maintain a positive learning environment for students
• Knowledge of STEM disciplines and ability to guide activities with students
• Experience working with K-12 scholars and their families in under-resourced communities
• Ability to build relationships and influence scholars, staff, community members & families
• Demonstrated leadership ability
• Excellent organizational and communication skills
• Committed to the goals of the program and approach
• Belief and commitment to DNAwesome STEM Club’s mission and values
• Two years of experience developing and/or facilitating curriculum in a specific enrichment subject for elementary or middle school aged children
• Must be willing to undergo background check

Rate: $20 - $25
August 2020
Job Type: Part-time
Pay: $20.00 - $25.00 per hour

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